And they lived happily ever after...

This blog is strictly designated to the wonderful world of Disney! When you step through the doors to my page, I want you to be reminded of the love and joy that Disney brings all of us; something that some of us may have forgotten as we grew up.

My Disney Instagram is disneyadventuresofnoelle.

Anonymous asked: Congrats! What's your job????


Working in the Emporium in Magic Kingdom! :)

Anonymous asked: Are you on the College Program? And where are you gonna be working?


I’m not in the College Program, I just applied for a job a couple months ago! I’m going to be working in Magic Kingdom in the Emporium. :)


im feeling superduper shit so i need more stuff on my dash so i can drown myself in nice gifsets and escape reality

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that-was-falling-with-style asked: Oh congrats on the job! x


Thank you so much!

I leave for Florida tomorrow morning. I am so excited for such an incredible experience, but for now it sucks to say goodbye to all of my friends and family. Attaining my dream job in Disney World will help me get over my homesickness and my sadness! Florida, here I come.


make me choose:
Anonymous asked: Megara or Esmeralda?

"God, help my people - we look to you still. God, help the outcasts or nobody will. I ask for nothing. I can get by. But I know so many less lucky than I. Please, help my people, the poor and downtrod. I thought we all were children of God."

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