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This blog is strictly designated to the wonderful world of Disney! When you step through the doors to my page, I want you to be reminded of the love and joy that Disney brings all of us; something that some of us may have forgotten as we grew up.

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Hi there c: I was hoping for a character personality and a perfect match. (I included my name here, but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to for the lookalike also. Sorry if I was ;/)

Character Personality:

1. Madi 

2. Female

3. Fantasy

4. Singing, Piano, Pilates, Being with friends

5. Freedom, Determination, and Passion

6. Condescending people, Stress, and Heat

7. Positive, Independent and Honest (The last one can sometimes go either way xD) 

8. Easily Stressed/Becomes worried too easily, Hot-headed, and Either really excited or extremely apathetic (Like there’s no in between, I’m either interested or not) 

Your personality really matches Jasmine’s! She desires freedom, is determined and passionate. She doesn’t like condescending people or stress! She is also independent and honest. :) And she can also be hot-headed!

Perfect Match:

1. Madi

2. Male

3. Outgoing, Humorous, and Caring/Affectionate 

4. Judgmental, Cynical, and Overbearing

5. I really like dark hair and green eyes, but it’s not a make it or break it thing c: On the taller side too

6. Dancing, Singing, Traveling, Just being in a positive environment with good people

7. Worrisome, Positive, and Honest

8.  Yeah I think some day I’d be nice 

Your perfect match would be Tarzan! He is outgoing, humorous, and caring, without being judgmental, cynical, or overbearing. He also happens to have dark hair and green/blue eyes. :) He would love to dance and sing with you! He would also love to get married and start a family with you some day.

Hey there! I was wondering if I could have a look a like for a fairy, animal, opposite gender, villain and general? (I’m not sure if you do all of those and it is a lot so I totally get it if you only can do one or two c:) Thanks in advance. 

Hi, beautiful! For the fairy, you remind me of Zarina! Your eye color really resembles hers. For the animal, I see a lot of Faline in you, if you were a deer. :) For a boy, I see the human version of Beast, especially in your hair color. For the villain, I see Maleficent, except prettier and less green! And for general, you remind me of both Jane and Queen Primrose. :) I couldn’t decide between the two!

Thanks for submitting! :)

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